5 Ways to Unlock Your True Creative Potential

Creativity is like a muscle that can be strengthened; anyone can achieve their 카지노사이트 true creative potential, sometimes you just need the help of a few tricks. I’m here to help you discover your true creative potential and help set you on the path you’ve always wanted to explore with the 11 best ways I could find that improve creativity in every person. I’ve sourced these tips from all over the internet, ranging from blogs, scientific studies and news articles. While there are many more out there, I believe that these 11 tricks are the best for giving your inner creative a kickstart. Without further delay, let’s jump in!

1. Listening to Music

This may seem like a no-brainer. Nearly every person I know, especially Millennials, have some music going on around them almost ALL the time. This is because music is universal; every culture creates music of some sort — it’s part of being human and has been titled one of man’s greatest creative achievements.

Turns out that music doesn’t just occupy your ears, it activates the mind. Scientists have shown that when listening to music your brain enters a “Mind-Wandering Mode” and is more prone to being creative. Studies show that this effect is most beneficial when the music is at a medium to low noise level, anything higher than 85dB can actually harm one’s ability to focus and may inhibit creativity. Music with lyrics can be helpful, but it’s most suggested that one listens to genres such as Jazz, Classical or instrumentals to get the most out of music when trying to be creative. On top of music’s ability to make us think better, it can help control our moods; being in a good mood can be integral to being creative. Studies showed that people listening to music also experienced a release of dopamine in the brain, a chemical that can influence your happiness. With that in mind, try playing the video above while you continue reading the following 10 tricks to being more creative. 바카라사이트

2. Get In a Positive Mood

When you sit down to work are you typically in a good mood?

Well, you should be. Being in a positive mindset reduces inhibition and can aid in creativity just as music can. There are lots of ways to make yourself happier. Of course, you know yourself better than I, so do what gets you in the right mood. However, the following are all proven methods that help most people get out of that rut and into the right headspace.

  • Chew gum! Chewing gum can help ease tension and reduce stress.
  • It’s been shown that random acts of kindness can help people put themselves in a better mood as well. Buy someone a drink or give someone a compliment and you’re likely to perk up.
  • De-clutter. If you find yourself in a messy room, it can affect your happiness. Pick up a few things and clean and you will be in the right mood in no time.
  • Look at something green. It may seem silly but it’s been shown that green is a color that can trigger happiness and creativity in individuals.

On top of tricks to stay happy, one solid way to be in a positive mood more often and develop emotional control is to meditate and be mindful. Meditation has proven benefits to mental and physical health, so next time before you get to work, try to sit for a few minutes and just breathe. For the beginner to meditation, here is a wonderful site that will get you started

3. Make Sure You’re Sleeping Well

Have you ever been told to sleep on it? 온라인카지

Sleep is integral to all aspects of your health and mood. It even affects how creative you are. Many people don’t sleep enough and this can impact us more than we think. Lack of sleep can affect your creative capacity, weaken your ability to problem solve, and make you emotionally less stable. Sleeping can also connect you to your subconscious as well, especially in deep sleep. This connection can produce dreams and help you be more creative. Taking naps can also be advantageous when it comes to being creative. A small break from work and life to shut your eyes may be just what you need for that boost of creativity. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get going again after a little bit of shut-eye. To back this even more, many great figures have stated their “Aha!” moment came to them in their sleep or in a dream. The famed artist Salvador Dali often connected his paintings to his dreams and Paul McCartney stated that the idea for the song “Yesterday” came to him in a dream. Dreams are some of our best creative work and they can influence our lives when we’re awake.

Make sure you’re sleeping enough and you will soon be feeling that creative urge.

4.Go Outside

Do you ever think to yourself that you, “Just need to go for a walk”? Well nature is the place to do it, especially if you’re looking for creative inspiration. Unplugging from electronics is shown to spur creativity in individuals and there’s no place better for that than nature. Scientists have shown that going for walks in nature can lead to a whole array of positive side effects such as decreased stress, better ability to pay attention, and more stable, positive moods. You’ve probably noticed it yourself when you’re out camping or going for a hike — you feel at peace and far less worried about what’s going on on your social network feeds. You can feel more contemplative and creative with just a small dose of nature. Nature can also be massively influential in your creative process. With green all around you it can really bring out a creative, happy mood. On top of that, there is no doubt that Mother Nature is the greatest creative we can know; it’s taken millions of years to innovate and design the animals we see today that fit so perfectly with their environment.

So get out and be inspired by creativity incarnate. Go take a walk toward greater creativity.

5. Writing Over Typing

I can personally attest to this more than many of the other tips. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love notebooks and legal pads. For me, any idea starts on a legal pad and only moves to a computer in the later stages, no matter what I’m doing. Every blog post I write, it’s planned out and organized via legal pad long before I reach my computer. Every website I design is drawn somewhere in a notebook, and any crazy idea I’ve had is surely jotted down on a piece of paper and may even be accompanied with sketches. It’s been shown on a scientific level that handwriting, although it may take more time, is far better than typing when it comes to creativity. It’s been shown that handwriting something activates parts of the brain associated with creativity, and the fluid movements of such behavior may be related to fluid thought in the mind.

In an age where almost anything can be done via computer, often it is better for your inner creative to pull out a pen and set aside the keyboard — doing so might just lead to your next big innovation!

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